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Jahr 2011

Andreas Martin Seitz , Anja Lubomierski, Benedict Friemert, Anita Ignatius, Lutz Dürselen, J Orthop Res30:934-942, 2012, Effect of Partial Meniscectomy at the Medial Posterior Horn on ibiofemoral Contact Mechanics and Meniscal Hoop Strains in Human Knees

Jahr 2009

Hans-Georg Erich Palm, M. D.; Oliver Waitz; Johannes Strobel; Jens Metrikat, M. D.; Birgit Hay; Benedikt Friemert, Gait and PostureGait and Posture accepted 06/2009, The Role and Interaction of Visual and Auditory Afferents in Postural Stability, 2,295
Markus Schöne, Christoph Spengler, Bärbel Fahrbacher, Marc Melnyk, Benedikt Friemert, Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthroscaccepted 06/2009, The reliability of a method for measuring the anterior cruciate ligament-hamstring reflex: An objective assessment of functional knee instability, 1,626
Hans-Georg Palm, Oliver Waitz, Johannes Strobel, Jens Metrikat, Birgit Hay, Friemert B., Motor Controlacceptet 05/2009, Effects of low-dose alcohol consumption on postural control with a particular focus on the role of the visual system, 1,347
Palm, Bergenthal, Ehry, Schwarz, Schmidt, Friemert, KneeKnee. 2009 May 21. [Epub ahead of print], Functional ultrasonography in the diagnosis of acute anterior cruciate ligament injuries: A field study, 1,307
Palm, Lübken, Achatz, Laufer, Friemert, Dt. Z Sportmedacceptet 04/2009, Verbessern Kniebandagen die posturale Standfähigkeit bei Meniskusverletzungen?, 0,686

Jahr 2008

Wening JV, Tesch C, Huhnholz J, Friemert B, UnfallchirurgUnfallchirurg. 2008 Dec;111(12):958-67, The value of sonography in traumatology and orthopedics : Part 2: emergency diagnostics in blunt abdominal and thoracic trauma, 0,561
Tesch C, Friemert B, Huhnholz J, Wening JV, UnfallchirurgUnfallchirurg. 2008 Sep;111(9):659-69, Significance of sonography in traumatology and orthopedics : Part 1: Ultrasonography of the musculoskeletal system, 0,56
Melnyk M, Luebken FV, Hartmann J, Claes L, Gollhofer A, Friemert B, European Journal of Applied Physiology Eur J Appl Physiol. 2008 Jul;
103(5):523-7, Effects of age on neuromuscular knee joint control, 1,752
Schmidt B, Elser F, Scherer MA, Friemert B, Ultraschall in der MedizinUltraschall in Med 2008 Apr; 29(2):205-7, Bilateral Fixed Dislocation of the Long Head of the Biceps Tendon, 2,303

Jahr 2007

Melnyk M, Faist M, Friemert B, Journal of NeurophysiologyJ Neurophysiol. 2007 Oct;98(4):2493., Reply to Chmielewski and Snyder-Mackler, Letter
Friemert B, Wiemer B, Claes L, Melnyk M, Knee Surg Sports Traumatol ArthroscKnee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2007 Oct;15(10):1198-203, The influence of meniscal lesions on reflex activity in the hamstring muscles, 1,626

Jahr 2006

B. Friemert, M. Faist, L. Claes, M. Melnyk, Journal of NeurophysiologyJ Neurophysiol. 2007 Jan;97(1):474-80, Changes in stretch reflex excitability are related to "giving way" symptoms in patients with anterior cruciate ligament rupture, 3,592
M. Melnyk,M. Faist, L. Claes, B. Friemert, Med Sci Sports ExercMed Sci Sports Exerc. 2006 Jul;38(7):1329-34, Therapeutic cooling does not affect hamstring reflexes or knee joint stability, 2,909

Jahr 2005

MC. Kayser, Y v Harder, B. Friemert, MA Scherer, Chirurg Chirurg. 2006 Feb;77(2):139-49, On informed patient consent, 0,7
R. Schmidt, B. Friemert, S. Benesch, R. Hald, A. Herbst, H. Gerngroß, Dt ZeitschSportmedJahrgang 56, Nr. 11 (2005) 378-82, Die Inzidenz und Wertigkeit des propriozeptiven Defizites bei Patienten mit chronischer Instabilität des oberen Sprunggelenkes, 0,315
Friemert B., Faist M. , Spengler C., Gerngross H., Claes L., Melnyk M., Journal of NeurophysiologyJ Neurophysiol. 2005 Dec;94(6):3996-4001, Intraoperative Direct Mechanical Stimulation of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament Elicits Short- and Medium-Latency Hamstring Reflexes, 3,592
F. von Lübken, R. Schmidt, C. Jouini, H. Gerngroß, B. Friemert, UnfallchirurgUnfallchirurg. 2006 Jan;109(1):22-9, The influence of a controlled active motion splint on proprioception after anterior cruciate ligament plasty. A prospective randomized study, 0,647
Falk von Lübken, Ramin Farhoumand, Winfried Schwarz, Heinz Gerngroß, Christian Willy, Friemert B., Zeitschrift für Orthopädie und ihre GrenzgebieteZ Orthop Ihre Grenzgeb. 2005 Sep-Oct;143(5):561-6, Results 13 years after ACL plasty using a carbon prosthesis, 0,487
B. Friemert; C. Bach; W. Schwarz; H. Gerngross; R. Schmidt, Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, ArthroscopyKnee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2006 Jun;14(6):564-70, Benefits of active motion for joint position sense, 1,182
Schmidt R, Gergrou H, Friemert B, Herbst A, Claes L, Foot and AnkleFoot Ankle Int. 2005 May;26(5):382-6, The Peroneal Reaction Time (PRT) - Reference Data in a Healthy Sample Population, 0,7
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Jahr 2004

B. Friemert, P. Keppler, F. Lübken v, Ch. Willy, L. Claes, H. Gerngroß, Der UnfallchirurgUnfallchirurg. 2005 Mar;108(3):189-199, Clinical results with A new retrograde femoral nail with a radiographical-free proximal locking device. A prospective study with 50 fractures, 0,452
Ignatius A, Blessing H, Liedert A, Kaspar D, Kreja L, Friemert B, Claes L., OrthopädeOrthopade. 2004 Dec;33(12):1386-93, Effects of mechanical strain on human osteoblastic precursor cells in type I collagen matrices, 0,37
Schmidt R, Benesch S, Friemert B, Herbst A, Claes L, Gerngroß H, Knee Surg Sports Traumatol ArthroscKnee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2005 Apr;13(3):231-7, Anatomical repair of lateral ligaments in patients with chronic ankle instability, 1,1
Ignatius A, Blessing H, Liedert A, Schmidt C, Neidlinger-Wilke C, Kaspar D, Friemert B, Claes L, BiomarerialsBiomaterials 2004 Jan;26(3):311-8., Tissue engineering of bone: effects of mechanical strain on osteoblastic cells in type I collagen matrices., 1
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B. Friemert, M. Bumann-Melnyk, M. Faist, W. Schwarz, H. Gerngross, L. Claes, Experimental Brain ResearchExp Brain Res. 2005 Jan;160(1):1-9.Differentiation of Hamstring Short Latency versus Medium Latency Responses after Tibia Translation, 2,304
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Jahr 2002

B. Friemert, Y. Oberländer, B. Danz, H.J. Häberle, W. Bären, H. Gerngroß, W. Schwarz, Zentralblatt für ChirurgieZentralbl Chir. 2002 Oct;127(10):822-7, MRI vs. arthroscopy in the diagnosis of cartilage lesions in the knee. Can MRI take place of arthroscopy?, 0,339
Friemert B, Claes L, Gerngroß H, Der ChirurgChirurg. 2002 Jun;73(6):592-4, Intramedullary femoral osteosynthesis with the "rendezvous procedure". A new philosophy of retrograde intramedullary nailing, 0,735

Jahr 2001

Friemert B, Bach C, Schwarz W, Gerngroß H, Chirurgisches Forum, 2001 für experimentelle und klinische Forschung2001, Bd. 30:413-415, Bewegungsschienen in der Nachbehandlung von Patienten mit VKB - Plastik - "controlled active motion" versus "continuous passive motion" 0.9
Friemert B, Schwarz W, Gerngross H., Zeitschrift für Orthopädie und ihre GrenzgebieteZ Orthop Ihre Grenzgeb., 2001 Sep-Oct;139(5):M97-9 Does magnetic resonance tomography replace arthroscopy in diagnosis of knee cartilage damage? 0,487

Jahr 2000

Friemert B., J. Faoual, G. Hölldobler, H.P. Becker, L. Lampl, H. Gerngroß, Der ChirurgChirurg. 2000 Jan;71(1):52-7 A prospective randomized study on inguinal hernia repair according to the Shouldice technique. Benefits of local anesthesia 0.735